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Poet Life More Life Tour

Poet Life would like to invite your school to participate in the Poet Life More Life School Assembly Tour where we travel to many DC Metropolitan Area grade schools hosting student-integrated assemblies to creatively address bullying and teen suicide. Already, there have been 17 teen suicides in January alone. We'd like to interactively teach your students how to use written and spoken word poetry and other art forms as outlets and vehicles. 
Our mission is to increase their drive and desire for "More Life"! These assemblies promote building confidence, having respect for themselves and others, appreciating life, facing fears, just to name a few. We will host a one-hour, all school presentation (multiple assemblies for larger schools) that involves the student body and touches the subject of right choices and respect and tolerance on the campus. We use eye-catching multimedia, powerful storytelling by professionals, poets, and artists to hold the student's attention throughout the entire presentation. 
Furthermore, we intend to incorporate some of your students and have them perform and share their talent on stage with us as their classmates sit on the edge of their seat in excitement. Weeks leading up to the assembly, we will solicit your help by asking that you identify the students who would most likely be interested and excited to share the stage and their talent with us and their peers. We're asking you to help us help our youth find better ways of expressing themselves. Our goal is to teach them that whenever they feel like they can't speak up, they can always write down!



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