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Poet Life Kids Anthology

"Discovering Who 'I AM'


The Guidelines and Instructions

Poems in the 'Poet Life Kids Anthology' are original poems written by kids, ages 5 through 12, from all over the world. This book of 300 kids' poems will encourage even more kids around the globe to express themselves creatively. It is Poet Life's mission to engage as many young people and to inform them that "it isn't healthy to hold things in".

Poet Life is accepting 300 poems from 300 different kinds from all walks of life. The theme of this first anthology is "Discovering Who 'I AM'". We believe that “I am” statements formulate, affirm, and perpetuate the stories we tell ourselves—stories about who we are, who we can be, what we can do, and what we can create. It is our goal to encourage kids to say and write positive things about themselves repetitively because we begin to believe in the thoughts we repeat over and over again, especially those we repeat with conviction. 

Parents and guardians, you are encouraged to assist your kids in writing their respective poems. Poet Life will not restrict their poems to any particular poem structure. Therefore, we will accept short, long, rhyme-filled, rhymeless, poems as viable submissions. However, depending on the printing format of the book, we may need to make a few adjustments.

Along with submitting a poem, we ask that you submit a high-resolution photo of your child and the state in which your child resides. It is our desire to produce a piece of art filled with pieces of art from young people who represent our future. So we not only want them to see what they have created in a published book for the world to see, but we want them to see themselves as well.

What happens after I submit my story or poem?

Please be patient after you press the SUBMIT button. You will receive a message  that says, "Your information has been received successfully!" This is your confirmation that we have received your child's poem and that it has been entered into our database. This is the only confirmation you will receive. Please be patient, as the selection of poems is a time-consuming process. All poem submitters selected for the anthology will be notified via e-mail.

What happens if my poem is selected?

If your child's poem is selected, you will be required to pay a $10 submission fee to assist with the publishing of the book.  Additionally, his/her poem and photo will be featured in the "Discovering Who 'I AM'": Poet Life Kids Anthology, vol 1 and have his/her signature printed on the inside cover of the book. He/she will also receive our exclusive certificate and will be entitled to buy an individual copy or cases of books from us at a discounted price.



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