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About The Poet Life





Poet Life was founded in 2014  simply out of pure passion for poetry and spoken word. The artistic sound and delivery varies from poet to poet yet shows how much we can culturally cross-connect through the power of words. The Poet Life executives created this platform to highlight the art for many poets around the country and it has served as a great source of support for those who have found their voice,  those who were seeking to increase their speaking opportunities and those who simply want to sit back and think deeply about the knowledge they are hearing from some of the companies best performers who are requested time and time again for various events around the tri-state area through opportunities identified by Chris and his team.   


About The Founder, Christoph Jenkins

Christoph Jenkins grew up in DC and in Silver Spring, MD by way of Denver, Colorado - his birthplace. His love for poetry was born in the first grade when his teacher gave his class an assignment where he and his classmates had to create a book of poetry. They were tasked with designing the cover and writing the actual poetry that would be "published" in the book. Young Christoph found himself on cloud 9 where he discovered he had a passion and gift for writing poetry.The founder, Christoph Jenkins, a community organizer and an avid lover of poetry, observed a void in the spoken word community within the tri-state area. With his vision in tow, he created an outlet for artists and was determined to change this by networking and partnering with influencers in the area and around the country introducing them to spoken word poetry and the benefits of including it into their programs and initiatives. Since then, he has worked with some of the top artists around the country.  Not forgetting his roots and charitable contributions and their importance Mr. Jenkins created Fighting Cancer With With Poetry, an initiative with the mission to creatively engage and encourage people around the world to use poetry and other resourceful and innovative ideas, to inform, impact, and inspire others to join the fight against cancerHe is seen as a mentor and advisor for many and still finds time for the most important people in his life - his family. Although Chris gives back to developing artists, he always finds the time for his wife, Shannon and his two children. He has been happily married for 5 years with two beautiful daughters, Morgan and Riley, who he adores spending time with, picking them up from school, and teaching them all about entrepreneurship



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