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Welcome To The Poet Life

Posted on May 23 2019

Welcome To The Poet Life

Welcome To The Poet Life   


           The Poet Life was founded by passion – specifically, the passion of Christoph Jenkins. Jenkins fell in love with poetry in the first grade when he was tasked with a class assignment to create a poetry book. Since then, Jenkins has translated his passion for poetry into The Poet Life, creating an outlet for poets and emerging artists.
            The Poet Life creates opportunities for poets to read, showcase their abilities, teach children, and become a part of a broader artistic community. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll discuss the culture of poetry and keep you up-to-date on the happenings of The Poet Life.  
            At The Poet Life, we aim to explore, showcase, and celebrate all things poetry. We want all people, in all walks of life, to find shelter, solace, and hope through poetry. Poetry is power – it gives us the ability to transform ourselves, our paths, and the world around us. And in that spirit, Jenkins created a pledge for poets that encompasses the meaning of a commitment to poetry. Our mission is reflected in The Poet Life Pledge:

            “I, Stephanie Kunkel, pledge today to use writing and poetry if I cannot say the way I feel and what’s on my mind. I pledge to express myself all the time because it’s not healthy to hold things in, so I pledge to use my paper and pen, P O E T  L I F E !!!”

            Taking The Poet Life Pledge is the first step in becoming a member of a poetry community that helps support, inspire, and impact one another. There is no poetry without you or without me. The Poet Life aims to culturally cross-connect artists through the power of words; from one poet to the next. The Poet Life is our way of life. It’s about impacting, informing, and inspiring people of all ages to express and discover themselves. It’s about giving humanity a definition and a purpose. It’s about giving voices to the voiceless. It’s about empowering people through pen and poetry. 
            At The Poet Life, we believe poetry has the power to influence humanity. We give meaning to art, to life, to poetry. If you asked me to define poetry, I’d tell you that poetry is the essence of emotion, it explores the complexities of the mind, and reveals the inner-most trappings of the human soul. Poetry can transport us anywhere. Let it transport you to The Poet Life. 


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