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The Poet Life Pledge – Join the challenge!

Posted on June 13 2019

The Poet Life Pledge – Join the challenge!

 “If you pick up a pen, the paper is not going to judge you.”

– Christoph Jenkins


The Poet Life Pledge

“I, ____________, pledge today to use writing and poetry if I cannot say the way I feel and what’s on my mind. I pledge to express myself all the time because it's not healthy to hold things in so I pledge to use my paper and pen. P O E T  L I F E !!!”



The Poet Life Pledge promotes the philosophy that it’s unhealthy to hold things in. We want people of all ages, especially children, to use writing as an outlet to express themselves and inspire others. Sometimes it’s hard to speak out loud, and often children feel as though they can’t talk to anyone and are misunderstood. By taking the pledge, students can use writing and poetry as a form of communication and expression to let all their feelings out.

We challenge you and your children to take the Poet Life Pledge, written by our founder Christoph Jenkins for children and adults.


Goals of The Poet Life Pledge

  • Combat bullying and suicide
  • Promote self-expression and build confidence
  • Provide a healthy outlet for students
  • Encourage students to share their emotions and opinions
  • Better our communication
  • Enrich our daily lives


The Poet Life Pledge Challenge

We encourage people of all ages around the world to participate in our Poet Life Challenge.

Submit by the 1st of the month, and by the 15th of each month, we’ll compile all the challenge participants and create a video that we’ll post on our website and social media!


Steps to complete the challenge:

  1. Memorize the pledge (it’s short, so it won’t take long!)
  2. Record yourself reciting the pledge
  3. Complete the form on our website & submit the video to our website (link provided below)
  4. Upload your video online via any social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram)
    * Remember to tag @ThePoetLife, and hashtag #PoetLifePledge
  5. Challenge and tag three friends to participate! #PoetLifePledge


Are you ready to pledge? Join us here @


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