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Poet Life Academy

Posted on June 06 2019

Poet Life Academy

The Poet Life Academy

Where Students are “Called To Move”


Who We Are

The Poet Life Academy is a unique and exciting traveling academy that serves grade schools, various organizations, and the community.

The Poet Life Academy is an educational and innovative traveling program that serves schools, organizations, churches, our community, and most importantly, our students ranging in age from 5-17. Children of every age struggle to cope, release, and discuss their emotions. Children often feel no one can relate to them; at The Poet Life Academy, we accept, educate, and show empathy to our students. Children and teens need a safe, healthy, and effective way to express their emotions. We have a creative solution to this problem… writing and poetry!

Through The Poet Life Academy, students are able and encouraged to use prose and poetry as an emotional outlet in a safe, compassionate, and understanding environment. We encourage students to use prose and poetry as an outlet instead of holding their emotions in. We aim to increase children’s self-esteem and confidence by providing children with a safe space and artistic outlet that fights against the epidemic of childhood bullying.


The Poet Life Academy Goals

At The Poet Life Academy, we deliver academic excellence through poetry, literature, rhythm, and flow while providing and encouraging emotional and social development. We strive to achieve five primary goals that we call the “5 Stars of Excellence.”


5 Stars of Excellence

*Student Achievement

                * Upon completion of classes, we honor each student with a certificate of completion

                * We encourage, engage, and educate our students

*Professional Development

                * We strive to enhance the confidence of each student through teaching public speaking

                * Mastering public speaking gives a student the ability to attain power, do something, change a behavior, or reach an objective

*Creative Thinking

                * We encourage imagination, ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and questions

                * Creative thinking is an invaluable skill and provides students with the ability to problem solve, gain multiple perspectives, and increase empathy and compassion by putting oneself in someone else’s shoes

*Student Needs

                * We strive to establish a community that supports the social, emotional, and academic needs of each student in order to encourage student growth and development

                * We create a comprehensive, compassionate, and welcoming environment where students feel comfortable and accepted

*Family Involvement/Engagement

                * The PLA helps develop a bridge between the family and community infrastructure to support student success at home, school, and in life


Poet Life Academy Community Classes

Poet Life Academy has partnered with Busboys and Poets to offer writing and spoken word poetry classes in the community to students in grades K-12. We invite and welcome family to attend! Seats are limited! There are ONLY 10 seats available per age group. 

Age Groups:

  • Ages 5-8
  • Ages 9-12
  • Ages 13-17


Busboys & Poets Takoma, 235 Carroll Street Northwest Washington, DC 20012


Every THIRD Saturday of the month from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM


We build self-confidence, raise self-esteem, and encourage self-expression

*Free breakfast for students!


Bring Poet Life Academy To You

Since The Poet Life Academy is a traveling institution, we can come to your community, school, program, or organization! We would love to bring our excitement and creativity to your student body. We want to teach students that poetry can be used as an outlet that can make an impact on individuals and the world.

For more information visit:


Contact Us

Phone number:1-844-POET-LIFE



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